Pub•lic Re•la•tions (noun): A strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

While the definition of PR has existed for decades, the true meaning behind Public Relations and the Persona that is created has been evolving at lightning speed over the last few years. In a world immersed in news and entertainment, and a global audience with the ability to access news in an instant, publicists are being challenged to be one step ahead, think outside the box, balance traditional and digital media, and be innovative in every element of a campaign.

Our capabilities as a full service public relations firm means putting your name, projects, and brand out into the world in an impactful way. We care for the Persona, and the person behind it. In our opinion, publicity is much more than just bridging the gap between a client and a media outlet. It is about having a deep-rooted passion for the message being put out into the world, having the ability to shape an image, cultivate a career to the fullest, and provide inspiring, strategic, national and international PR campaigns for our clientele.

In the end, it is not only about the physical press gained, but the personalized attention and powerful, inspiring campaigns being put into the world.

Our Philosophy

We believe in delivering results that exceed expectations every single day. Our company culture is deep rooted in the belief that teamwork is essential to bringing long lasting, purposeful publicity and digital campaigns to life. Through the process of working alongside our clients, we strive tirelessly to think outside of the box, be innovative in our strategies, and work with a creative mind, passionate heart, and positive spirit.

Jordyn Palos, Founder

Named one of “Hollywood’s New Leaders” by Variety in 2015, Jordyn Palos, founder of Persona PR, launched the company in 2010 and has established Persona as one of the most dedicated and hands-on independent PR firms in the entertainment industry today. With offices in Los Angeles and New York City, Persona has grown from a dozen clients that followed Jordyn when she left her previous PR job, to over 100 clients in the talent, music, branded lifestyle, non-profit, and corporate space. Persona PR’s client list includes a select group of award winning actors from film and television, New York Times bestselling authors, various experts in the beauty and lifestyle space, comedians, production companies, and a handful of musicians.

Born and raised in Southern California, Jordyn obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Radio, Television, and Film with an emphasis in Electronic Media Management from California State University Northridge. Her educational experience has provided a background vital to navigating the PR world and ever-changing digital arena: electronic media systems, media management, media message design, audience analysis, mass communication research, international broadcasting, new media, and more. During her senior year of college (2006) Jordyn took an internship with a LA-based entertainment public relations firm, and worked for that company for four years before launching Persona PR out of her apartment.

Before finding her true calling as a publicist and business owner, Jordyn worked as a Marketing Associate for Ashley Furniture, and in the music industry as a stylist (working with Tyga, Paramore, and Panic! At The Disco, to name a few). While her business and clients are two of her greatest passions, Jordyn is also a wife and mom, and loves to spend time with her family. She is also a supporter of the American Diabetes Association (as several people in her life are Type 1 diabetics) and the Bumble Bee Foundation, a local organization that provides relief to families who have children suffering from cancer.

Persona PR Founder Jordyn Palos